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Find Antique Shops In India The Real Antiques From India Online.

India is a treasure place for all antique lovers all over the world. The reason why is India have very glorious past as many of the emperors were ruled ancient India and India was an ancient market for precious things and the trade were used to happened to many countries around the world.  Another thing what we can point out to have the great amount of antiqued in India is India was ruled by the old colonial powers for many centuries and lots antiques from those countries were brought up to this land and still they are preserving in India like fine mint condition.

In antique markets of India , Kerala has very first place as the ancient Jew town antique Market is really happening in kochi ( Cochin). Kochi was the one of the trade capital of Kerala and many of the Merchants were used to trade here from 15 th century onwards. We can say in Kochi there are 16 different types of languages are speaking out by various communities and the culture of present Kochi have a huge influence of these different communities from India. Also you can even see a community from ancient Israel are staying in Kochi were the world famous antique market situated  in this area called as Jew town Market.

There are 100 s of antique store in this Jew town market. And all the shops have many fine antiques for your choice. you can purchase any thing from this market with confidence and you dont need to worry about shipping and other value added services . you never have any bad experience from this market as all the shops are having an association which is affiliated to Indian chamber of commerce and all shops are government recognized.  you can Buy Indian Antiques online from any where in world. you can Order and wewill ship it to your place or nearest port in case of exporting through sea mode.
We always try to send the items imminently once the items sold and you will get delivered with in 8-10 days  if its courier. If the items are large in size Shipment will be processing through ship which is little bit time consuming and it will reach your port with in 10- 30 days on basis of where are you from.
However while exporting Antiques, in some rare occasion the customs asks for No Objection Certificate from Archaeological survey of India. As the antique sending is a sensitive procedure and in that case We required  extra 20- 30 days to arrange No objection certificate. As per Indian rules, any Antique over 100 years old need be taken out of India with the permission of the Director General, Archaeological Survey of India, Thiruvanadapuram ,Kerala . We have expert agents who help us to arrange it for us.
Once we receive the No Objection Certificate we will be sending your purchased items with in 1-2 working days.
We do have  two shop in this Market and a large warehouse with full of fine antiques. To see more about our store you can visit our website bellow one of the leading online store for the antiques in India.

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